Why To Choose Oxford

Right Curriculum

Oxford International School innovation center is responsible for charting the course of development for each of our students and given the experiene and expertise that each member brings to OIS innovation center table they ensure that the curriculum inludes:

  • Thought provoking and innovative content and subjects metter for all our learners
  • Centrally created lesson plans ith clear cut instructions to teachers on what to teach,how and when during the course time line
  • Enhanced lesson plan with imbedded ICT,audio-visual components, activities and group discussion
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessments ………. Out in a learner centric approch aming to …. Not just the knowledge acquisition o the ……… but also his/her understanding,aptitude and progress vis-à-vis the learningobjective
  • Best practices adopted from across the globe

Our teacher training Program

we have an on going teacher development up to date eith the trends,technologies,methods in the field of education.

Once the teacher is selected they are put trhough the rigerous induction programme that trains them with both teaching method and programmes that are required at Oxford International-School.

Forther more we have an on going teacher development programme that make sure our teacher are up-to-date with the trends,technologies,methodologies,best practices and breakthrough in the field of education some of the highlights of our teacher training programme include-

  • Training from authors and publishers
  • Training from international academicians and educators
  • Training in soft skills, etiquette and work life balance

This holistic combination gives Oxford International School teachers the skill and the expertise in training the next genertion for success.

The Right Faculty

At Oxford International School we take our teaching seriously and belive that the most important aspect of a school is the quality o its faculty.we belive that the child is comfortable and having fun while learnning, able to grasp the subject much more efficiently when he/she is in the hands of effficient,qualified and expert teachers. There for we make sure it is the right person for the right job at all times. Hence we employ a two pronged approch to get best teachers for our students.