Parents Teacher Meeting [PTM]

1. Forgiving progress reports and other information parents-Teachers meetings (PTMS) are organized occasionally oral/written electronic (SMS) notice is sent to parents to attend the PTM’S.
2. Parents who regularly fail to attend PTM will be deemed to be not interested in general and they may be asked to withdraw their ward.
3. Parents Guardians are not allowed to meet the teacher during the class hours. Those wishing to visit the school or meet the staff of the school must first obtain permission from the principal.
4. Besides the PTM arranged regularly parents are expected to attend the instructions given through the hand book or though special notes and come to school when so required.
5. Parents of academically weak students who fail to attend meeting will be deemed to be uninterested in their ward’s education. Such parents will not be entertained on before or other day of the PTM and no complaints of their wards will be accepted.
6. On examination days and during Annual function, there will be no parents teachers meeting.