At Oxford International School we have developed our school Infrastructure with an aim to maximise the potential of each student to learn,redusde distraction,enhance ………. And remove any form of discomfort and difficulty. The building has been divided in four zones : play, pre-primary ,primary,middle & senior secondary.
Hance our school has been designed inorporting the principles of ergonomic at all levels. Our classrooms are specious making sure the students can focus on lesson. We have specially designed furniture in each classrooms that mke sure the student is comfortable all through out the school session.
Other facilities includes:
  • A fully equipppd medical center with requisite First-aid as wel as a trained mdiacl proffesional
  • Safe transport for students to school and back inbuses that are comfortable,clean and professionaly aranged. Each bus has aspecially trained driver,lady attendant and a conductor. Buses are operated onextensive routes

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