Bus Facility

Children from across the city and nearby areas come to OIS and most are able to avail of our efficient bus service. At OIS the staff security and comfort of our children is of paramount importance. A bus committee ensures our ensure reliability and consistency of services and standard of delivery, also ensure smooth functioning of this service. The objective of the commitee is four fold. To ensure safe, Consistent and timely transport for our children,- To ensure route planning is an optimal manner so that a maximum number of children are accommodated within reasonable limits;- To ensure route that rates charged to the school, and in turn parents are transeparent and comparable with those charged to other school for bus facility in the city; To ensure that our routs are planned such that children spend the travel the shortest possible distance between the two locations- parents are requested to be vigilant and feedback is sought and acted upon  swiftly and on and ongoing basis.

1. It is responsibility of the parents to see that the children are made to board the school bus and escorted home on the return Journey from the respective bus stop. if there is no one at the respective bus stop. if there is no one to pick up the child on return journey at the bus stop the child will be brought back to school, then the parent should collect the child from the school.

2. No request from parents will be entertained to drop or pick up their children at a bus stop other than the allotted one.

3. Eating or throwing waste paper and empty cans in the bus is prohibited.

4. Student should not board or alight from the bus when it is in motion.

5. The bus routes laid down by the school authorities should be strictly followed by one and all.

6. Bus cards is compulsory for the bus students.

7. Buses may be 5-10 minutes late due to heavy traffic on the road.